Firewall Issues.

Started by NCYF99, August 04, 2006, 03:36:32 PM

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Ive been using the same firewall - sygate professional for over three years and never had a problem with it and FSHOST . The .25 version didn't have a problem with exceptions either , but something on this new beta.27 version is kicking the exceptions on the firewall at every startup.

What ever it is - its picking it up on the SIMPLE discovery protocol.(1900) I will see if I can find out why the Firewall is kicking it out everytime - as this is a most strange error. I checked the update log on the firewall and no updates have occurred that I can see>

Anyone else running sygate have this issue?

Russell Gilbert

Hi there,

Sorry, don't know what would have changed from beta 25 to beta 27 related to the firewall, especially not related to port 1900.  Did you ever find the answer?