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OK, this may be a "You're too stupid to run a server" question, but here goes anyway. . .  ;)

I have the beta version running on my server, and for all appearances, it's running just fine.  It does show on the master list, just not in FSSpy.  I previously was running the 3.0 version on this same box, and the 3.0 version shows up in Spy just like it should.  Only when I upgraded to the new Beta version did this symptom occur.

At first, I thought it was because I was NAT'ed on my network, and I simply could not see the server from my home location.  However, I have tried two different networks as well, and the server still does not show in Spy.

There are no errors on the server boot-up responses, so that doesn't appear to be the problem.  I haven't had time(yet) to see if I can connect to the server through FS9, though I don't anticipate any problem with that.

Did I miss something in the setup?  I can't find anything that seems amiss, and I've looked through the forums trying to find something that applies to this situation.  All the answers I've found, I've followed through on, or checked out, and any fix that was posted was either there already, or I made the change as suggested, but the darn thing still doesn't show up in Spy.

Now, it not showing up in Spy is NOT some sort of deal breaker or plan killer.  I know where it's at, and it would be easy as pie to just let participants know the IP address.  Just one of those things that seems to elude me right at this point. . . .

FWIW, I have worked on servers for years, and have a smattering of knowledge about them.  The possibility that I'm simply too stupid to run this server, however, is too close to reality to avoid. .  :o  ::)  :'( 

p.s.  Russell - Thanks for this great software!!!  It's absolutely awesome, and I appreciate all the hard work and effort you've put into it.  If this is the worst problem with beta software, this is excellent!!!  Thanks from a grateful fan. . .

Russell Gilbert:
Hmm, ok I'm assuming that when you say it's appearing on the Master Server that you mean you've looked at the raw IP list from the Master Server and found your IP listed there:

If that's the case, then it should show up in FSHostSpy unless the machine FSHostSpy is running on is somehow not able to connect to the FSHost machine.  The Master Server just gives FSHostSpy a list of IPs and then each person's FSHostSpy connects directly to each of the IPs and asks for the latest info from the FSHost.  But if you've tried several networks, it does seem like one of them should've worked.  Have you gotten someone else to check FSHostSpy?  What's your IP, and I can check it here.


Sorry, Russell, should have included the IP address. . .   See, I told you I'm too stupid to run a server . . ROTFL

The IP is, and Host is running on the default ports.  You're right, I looked up the server info from your CGI script on the master server.  I've not had anyone else check yet, just got the server rebuilt last week(after a hack got into my server - my fault - see, told you I'm too stupid to run a server!!! LOL) and got the new server installed yesterday.  From what I can tell, everything is working just fine, just Spy doesn't see it.

I'll be piddling with the server this afternoon, so if it's not online when you look, it's probably offline temporarily while I'm doing something - hard to tell what!! 

Thanks for the quick reply!!


Russell Gilbert:
Ok, I checked your server now and I see it ok in FSHostSpy (you knew that would happen, didn't you  ;) )

Looks like the Server Name is "A fun place to fly for once".  Notice that it's not "Streak's Flying Club/FS2004", which is the Session Name, so make sure you're looking in the A's and not the S's (like I did the first time I looked).

I also noticed that you have the public page disabled (Options / RemoteAccess), which is fine, FSHostSpy doesn't need it, although if someone presses the "FSHost Page" in FSHostSpy for your server they'll be taken to a page that says, "Sorry, this page is currently closed to the public".  (for example:


Now, see, I told you I was just too stupid to run a server. . . . LOLOL  And you're right, I knew it would happen. . .   never fails!!!!  ROTFL

I disabled the public pages for the time being, until I could get it set up and ready for "public consumption" . .   but thanks for noting it.  I'd probably forget it.

I'll go take a look at Spy now and see if I can rectify my own stupidity . . . . .  I'm going to go and stand in my corner now.

Thanks, Russell!!


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