Posting Hop List Files - PLEASE READ FIRST

Started by Russell Gilbert, August 09, 2006, 09:59:22 AM

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Russell Gilbert

Hello!  And welcome to the new Hop List Files board!

I'm hoping this will be a good place for FSHost admins to share their fabulous Hop List creations with other admins.  For this to work better, I've created two boards -- this one, and the Hop List Discussions board.  This board is only for uploading files and replying to topics about uploaded files.  If you have something to discuss that's not related to a file that's already been uploaded, please create a new topic in the Discussion board.  This way it'll make it easier for people to find files they want to download.

If you have a file to share, start a new topic here and post using the guidelines included below in this message.  Please copy and paste the text into your own post and then attach your Hop List Files (they end with .FHL in your main FSHost directory) to the post.  To attach a file, click "Additional Options" just below the box where you type your message and you'll see a place to browse for the filename on your hard drive.  Right now there's a maximum of 4 files allowed per post, but I can change this if necessary.

If you want to find a file to download, either just browse through this board for what you want, or click on Advanced Search at the top of the page and limit your search to just the Hop List Files board.  Once you find the file to download, just click it and save it to your main FSHost Directory.  You can then go to the Options / Hop List window in FSHost to load the file.

Posting Guidelines

Subject -- please use a meaningful subject that will help others understand what type of Hop List file you've created just by looking at the subject line.  Examples of good subjects: "Hawaii short hops", "European long hops through the mountains", "Bush flying in Alaska", "Hops designed for large jets", etc.  Examples of bad subjects: "My really super cool hop list", "You have to see this", "Some hops somewhere"  ;D

Information to include -- please copy and paste the following text into your post and then fill in the information:

Number of hops:
Starting airport:
Ending airport:
Average hop length:
Best aircraft to use:
Server this file is used on:

Example post:

Filename: hoplist_hawaii.fhl [this makes searching work better]
Number of hops: 8
Starting airport: PHNL - Honolulu International Airport
Ending airport: PHNL - Honolulu International Airport
Average hop length: 25nm [just include your best guess]
Best aircraft to use: small [include the best aircraft size or type to use, or just type "any"]
Server this file is used on: [feel free to give the URL to your FSHost public page if you want]
Comments: This is a fun little list with short hops around the islands. Especially fun in bad weather. [any other comments about this file you want to include]