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I'm wondering what the convention is on hoplists.  I notice that the text version shows an airport by ICAO, then an equals sign, followed by whatever instructions are desired.  Is this convention required?  I noticed that in the help files it shows them as:

ICAO = Hoplist instructions

Just wondering how to create them.  I've got a wild hair on some interesting stops and jumps, and am trying to find a an easy way to create the list.

Also, is there a limit on numbers of hops?  IOW, are we limited to 20, 60, 1gazillion?  The idea I'm working on now will require quite a few hops, so was wondering if there was a limit.

Inquiring minds want to know. . .  :D

Russell Gilbert:
Hi Randy,

Take a look at this section of the Help page, and see if it answers your questions...



Thanks, Russell, I had already read that part.  I'm assuming the formatting of "ICAO = Hoplist instructions", with the airport first, then the equals sign, and then the text instructions, is the format the program is running.  That makes sense from my database experience.  The hop list I have in mind would or could fit that concept without much problem, I think.  Is there a limit on the number of hops?  There are several ideas I'm kicking around right now that could involve dozens and dozens of hop instructions, and don't want to inadvertently crash the server by writing too big a hop list file.

Russell Gilbert:
Nope, there's no limit to how big the hop list file can be.


OK, thanks!!  This should be interesting.  I've got several ideas running around in my mind, but lots of questions.  I'm just starting on the development of this idea, and may have to change as I progress, but should be interesting. . .  :-\  ::)  :o  ;)

I may have to pick your brain further as I move on.  Thanks for your help, and for the programs!!


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