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Filename: all_usa_artcc.fhl
Number of hops: 23 - IFR
Starting airport: KLAX - Los Angeles Intl Airport, Los Angeles, California
Ending airport: KLAX - Los Angeles Intl Airport, Los Angeles, California
Average hop length: 150 350nm
Best aircraft to use: Turbo Jets/Twin Turbo Props
Server this file is used on: Janet/Hooters VA - IP: HVA.NO-IP.COM
Weather: FSHost RW
Comments: These are 23 hops using only heading and distance to locate your destination. And will take you to, And land at an airport in each of the USA ARTCC areas

HEy, fun hops you made, BUT was a bit bord so I decided to post a little challenge...Instead of useing jets...I used a ATR 72-500 turbo prop...but for even grater challenge I would say use planes like cessnas or other small props...Just my thoughts to make a fun hop list even more interesting and that more of a challenge...you can try this or you can use what ever planes you want...doesnt matter but it was fun either way :D

Thats fine . You can fly whatever you like . But some of the legs are pretty long....

I just did one for Mexico,Panama, & Cuba.

Posted it today: 13NOV2006


you bet...im always up for good challenges...hehehehe...i just find the props on thoes type of hops (in not so good wether) a good challenge...:)

Well enjoy  ::) and have a safe flight/flights


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