Error cannot connect to master server

Started by Nitrate, September 25, 2006, 10:39:32 AM

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i have been using fshost for a long time now, without a firewall. i have only just got a firewall and have opened the required ports on my firewall and allowed fshost. but for some reason it keeps saying master server registration aborted or something. I cant think what i am doing wrong!

Please help



Russell Gilbert

Hi there,

I see from the Master Server logs that you've tried both ports 80 and 81, so that's good.  But the error that's being logged is that the Master Server isn't able to connect back to your machine on those ports at all.  So something must still be blocking them.

Can you tell us more details about exactly which firewall, router, etc. you have running (including the Windows XP firewall), which ports you've forwarded, what IP you forwarded them to, and more info about your home network, how you connect to the internet, etc.  I'm sure someone can help.




router : DG834G, ports opened - 6073, 23456, 80, 81, 2300-2400, 23432-23457, 47624

not using windows firewall
i just uninstalled my mcafee firewall, and its not working stil for some reason. I had no firewall on before and it was working perfectly fine.
forwarded all those ports to (the computer with fshost on) my default gateway is i am using this computer on a wired connection. my others are wireless. ports 80 and 81 arent being blocked by my isp as they worked not long ago (before i put the firewall on my pc)

Russell Gilbert

Hi again,

Ok, I'm seeing the same error in the logs again, that the Master Server can't connect back to your IP at all.  You might try changing FSHost to use port 1000, 5000, etc., on the Options / Remote Access page.