Strange Delay

Started by Wrenchca, October 26, 2006, 05:34:19 PM

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Hi All,

Had the oddest problem the other night.  There were three of us online, two FS9 players and an FS2002 player.  All three were running FSNav connections as well.  Left our departure airport for a short 160 mile jaunt.  Both FS9 players landed at the arrival airport and were waiting for the FS2002 to land.

We were all in contact via Teamspeak and I comes Bob on final.  Bob said, What are you talking about?  I am parked right beside you!?!? ???  The other FS9 pilot saw the FS2002 pilot on short final while the FS2002 pilot said he was parked right beside us.

His approach was really slow, I'd say 60 knts in a B1900D.  Anyone else see this sort of connection problem before?  It gave us an excellent optortunity to go park at the threshhold and critique his landing. :D