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Can someone plz confirm which ports must be opened for FSX and FsClient Beta?


Hi guys,

I reviewed the FAQ/Help and it only has port details for fs2002 and fs2004.

Can someone please confirm which ports must be opened for FSX & FSClient.

I believe it is the 6112 - 6122 range, but are there any others required to be forwared for FSX & FSClient to work?

I dont have time to test it right now but appreaciate any response for when I do test it tonight:)


P.S are the ports for fs2004 still required to be open (ie 23456, 23457, etc etc & also the UDP ports 6073, 2302 to 2400 etc)

^^ or can the fs2004 ports now be forgotten about when using FSX?


ports for FSHostClient:

UDP 23456
UDP 6073
UDP 2302 to 2400

Russell Gilbert:

Yeah, I haven't had a chance to update the help file yet, but here's how it works now...

FSHostClient for FSX is essentially a relay program, taking information from FSX and sending it up to the FSHost session as though it were an FS2004 player.  That's why all the FSHost servers currently out there just magically work with FSHostClient, because right now they just see it as FS2004.  Eventually I'll update FSHost so it can detect it better, and show FSX players as FSX, and possibly support new FSX-only features as well.

So the answer to your question is that FSHostClient requires exactly the same ports that FS2004 does, and you can follow the information on the Help page for FS2004.  I believe the ports you mentioned in the 6000 range are for FSX when it's connecting to either another FSX, or to a GameSpy server.  But that's using a completely different system that has nothing to do with FSHost.

So just as it was for FS2004, here are the ports you need for FSHostClient:

UDP 23456
UDP 6073
UDP 2302 to 2400 (not needed if you're supporting FS2002 also, see below)

And for FS2002:

TCP 47624
UDP 2300 to 2400


Thanks for that Russell!!

Cant wait to try it out later.

gamespy/FSX default multiplayer is just a nightmare with the constant disconnects.

good job :D


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