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Filename: western_europe_tour.fhl
Number of hops: 52 - IFR/VFR
Starting airport: BIRK - REYKJAVIK, ICELAND
Ending airport: BIKF - KEFLAVIK, ICELAND
Hop length: 100 – 700nm
Best aircraft to use: Single Prop/Twin Turbo Props/Turbo Jets/
Flight Coverage Area: WESTRN EUROPE
Server this file is used on: Janet/Hooters VA - IP: HVA.NO-IP.COM
Web: http://hva.no-ip.com
Forum: http://hva.no-ip.com/jva_forum/phpbb2
Weather: FSHost RW
Comments: These are 52 hops using only heading and distance to locate your destination. And will take you to, And land at an airport in each of the WESTERN EUROPE ARTCC areas. If you use this on your site Please link to WWW.JANETVA.ORG