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Started by Bigmike, November 23, 2006, 12:06:55 AM

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 ;D   here is a nice idea there is like  alot of nice AI models for FS9  which works in FS10  maybe  say  if  some one is a  737-800 why not make them look like a 800   so people see what they are really in  i would not mind downloading a large pack of  AI style models for my games if i could see what some one is really using  so i dont see somthing like a 737 800 for a 737 400 or a 777 look like a 747 or somthing of that type

if there Aircraft .cfg Reads  F-18 and the Game  knows its a F18 then it should  show a F18 AI model  not a Cessna model
and so on  Cessna 182RG  --- 182RG  ai 

F14 --- F14 AI model  etc

Make like a Data BAse of  Planes people make  and  when some one gets  a PMDG out boom  if you dont have it you would be  somthing  Like a 737-900 AI or somthing    AI  version of the same plane     ???

Russell Gilbert

The aircraft models are controlled entirely by FS, so if you have the same model the other person is flying, your FS will display it that way, and if you don't, then it'll have to do something else.  In FS2002 and FS2004, it'd display the other plane the same as whatever you were flying.  In FSHostClient for FSX, you can now control what you see in that case by using the planes.txt file.  See the FSHostClient download page for more info.



fsinn did somthing like that...why not see if we could pull the same thing off with FShost????