Connectivity Issues

Started by Kenny_968, November 25, 2006, 02:22:34 AM

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My name is Kenny.

I'v just recently started a FShost server, and all is working fine. Everyone has been connecting  just fine. Untill tonight. Well here's what happen. Everyone was connect and flying. Then another person wanted to connect and could not. So I had everyone dissconnect and had that one person connect and he was able to connect just fine. Then one by one had the others reconnect. We were able to narrow the problem down to two people. If one was connected the ather could not connect and vice versa. So we had bothe poeple shut down there firewalls. We all so had one of them dissconnect the router and try connecting directly to there internet connection. That diden't work neither. What if any thing can I do to correct this problem? I dont know much about routers so that doesn,t help the issue.

Thank you for any help or input.


Just had exactly the same problem myself.  Me and another guy was blocking each other.  When I was online, he couldn't get on, but when I came off he could and while he was on I couldn't get on.  I did notice though that my FSNav was connected.

I went to my router and checked my ports.  I had the FSNav port forwarded but not the ones for FS.  I forwarded the UDP ports 23456, 6073 and 2300-2400 and it was ok.  We could both get on ok at the same time. 

What I can't make out is that even though I didn't have these ports forwarded, I could get on, but was obviously stopping this other guy.  Also, it had never been a problem before, but then I did adjust my router settings the other day to fix my IP address. 

The other solution obviously could also be to put your machine in the DMZ, if available.  That way, you shouldn't have to mess around with forwarding.