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FSHost 3.2 beta 2 released!

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Russell Gilbert:
Check it out here:


 :o :o :o Starts a wave around the stadium while chanting RUSSELL RUSSELL RUSSELL :o :o :o

lol...i got somthin better *does flyover in a F-4 Phanton "J" series*...lets kick butt and finish this thing...

Abyss: im off to see if i can get that time thing to work...i have a working idea...if thiers a way to get fsuipc or some dll file that can talk to external programs...if their is and we can get it to talk to the time server (not sure of exact address) for what ever time zone you are in (like fsx does in the free flight mode if you have the approate option ticked) we might be able to get the fs host to keep the time synced with both fs2004 and fsx at the same time...

did we ever update the FS games supported ... ie 02 / 04 / FSX?

i just saw it here


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