Linksys Riouter Access Problem...

Started by LewisAire, December 26, 2006, 01:53:59 PM

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Hi All:

I'm trying to setup an FS Host server (for 2004) on a PC that's connected to a Linksys router, thru a hub.  Using ( the IP comes up as, but nobody seems able to get to the FS Host PC via remote access.  Linksys advised me to add :8080 after the IP, but Multiplayer doesn't allow that.  The Linksys router was configured to forward Port 80 to the FS Host PC, and apparently that is working okay...the program itself says I'm registered with the Master Server.  But nobody else can get in, or even see the router or PC. 

Any hints on what I'm doing wrong??

Garry  (
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if im understanding you correctly...u want to make sure in your port forwarding area of your options of your router its forwarding all connections for FShost to the proper computer and all of not sure what type of router you have and my linksys is dead so im useing a belkin router now so i dont have access to a linksys atm...