Fshost and SquawkBox 3

Started by Ericm, January 15, 2007, 07:35:05 PM

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ok i have a problem with fshost every thing is working just fine on it but when i am flying on SquawkBox 3 on vatsim i had one of my non member with vatsim log onto my fshost and he seen the vatsim server runing and fshost server in the same box is there a way i can block out the SquawkBox 3 from my fshost?

Russell Gilbert

Hi Eric,

If I understand correctly, you have both SB3 and FSHost running on the same PC, and when an FS2004 player from the internet connects to your IP, they see both the SB3 and the FSHost sessions.  I know that FSHost uses port 23456 by default, and I believe SB3 maybe does the same -- although I think both programs can be setup to use a different port such as 23457.  What I'm wondering is if you could use a different port on each one, and then only forward the FSHost port from the router to your machine, thereby blocking outside connections from reaching the SB3 port.  SB3 communicates with the Vatsim server on a different port, so I don't think it actually needs to use the SB3 port for anything other than the connection between your own FS2004 and SB3, which are both on the same machine.

Anyway, if you have a router, maybe you can give that a shot.