Any News ?

Started by GOZR, March 31, 2007, 08:43:40 PM

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Any news about a next updates or work about those stutters.
This software is fantastic but a big draw back and this is why i can't install it because of this horrible stutters it's impossible to see any aircraft smooth, on so impossible to fly in formation, acrobatie etc..
Please tell us that some updates will come soon..

Thank you.

Russell Gilbert


Yeah, the stutters are a problem -- I'm assuming you're talking about FSHostClient for FSX.  I haven't worked out yet where they're coming from exactly, but one idea I have is to try to increase the rate at which FSHostClient updates the position of the remote aircraft.  If I can increase it all the way to the point where it's the same as the update rate (frame rate) you're getting in your own FSX, then in theory they should be in sync.  I'm hoping to have something to try out here pretty soon.



Yes i think many of us are waiting for this and it's great that you will do something about it, This is sooo important..
I 'm hanging on, impatient !! :)

Thank you.


Well nothing change still stutters like crazy some client can't connect.. props not working.. this is a great idea to have this FSHOST but it's worthless for now for who want to fly in formation  and actually any flight with all the plane stuttering like crazy...

The thing that should be look into and fix is by FAR this priority " the stutters..

Thank you again for this software but it's useless for now