ROUTER, PLEASE, i from brazil

Started by felandrz, May 11, 2007, 09:15:57 PM

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pleasseeeeeee RUSSELLL, pleasssseeee

Hi, I am Brazilian

No say English.

I have a modem DSLINK 200u/e, It and a router modem.

I liberated firewall and nao I have anti virus, I liberated ports 23456, 6073, 2302 the 2400 UDP and TCP.

E exactly thus I have problem of conexao.

They obtain to connect themselves in my server when I open.

When ja has some another player with router in the server I nao obtains to connect itself. No I more know oque to make.

Please help.


Pleaseee Russeell helppppp




You can try connecting using a port other than 23456 in FS (try 23457 for example).  This may work for you but otherwise you are in the same situation as many others in that you cannot host and fly using the same interne connection.

I have posted a similar thread (see which, although over a network, is really the same issue.