Western USA Heavies

Started by WWW394, August 13, 2007, 03:26:43 AM

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Filename: hoplist_usa.fhl
Number of hops: 6 - IFR
Starting airport: KLAS (McCarran Intl)
Ending airport: KLAS (McCarran Intl)
Hop length: 200 – 500nm
Best aircraft to use: Heavy Jets
Flight Coverage Area: Western USA
Difficulty Level: Easy - Medium - Hard
Server this file is used on: Janet Virtual Air
Web: http://www.janetva.org
Forum: http://www.janetva.org/phpbb
Weather: FSHost RW
Add Link: Visit http://www.janetva.org/page18.html, and please add some flightsim links...
Comments: These are 6 hops using only heading and distance to locate your destination. Intended to be used with the Heavy Jets.