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Author Topic: I'm confused on how to use both the fxCLient and the fsHost... help needed...  (Read 4156 times)


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I'm not sure how to use these applications. Do I need to have them both running simultaneously?
I have comcast as my internet provider but cannot seem to connect. I keep getting that error message:
"The Master Server attempted to verify your server by requesting a web page from it, but was not able to connect to your IP address ( on port 80. If you have a router or firewall, please change it to allow port 80 to be forwarded to your machine. For help, see the FAQ page under the Help menu. Also, please verify your IP address on the Options / Master Server window. FSHostSpy will not be able to show your server."

I dont know where to go to make the neccessary configurations in Windows VIsta 32.

Can someone help?

- Kareem


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What exactly are you trying to do? Are you attempting to host a session, or connect to an existing server? To connect to a server running FSHost, you need FSHostClient if you use Flight Simulator X, not Flight Sim 2004/2002.  If you want to host a server, you need FSHost.

The error you are getting about the master server should not affect the performance of your server. That just means when people try to find your server in FSHost Spy, they won't see you. They will still be able to connect fine. To fix this, forward port 80 to your machine on your router's interface. For info on how to do that, Google your router's name and add "forwarding ports" to the end. (e.g. for my router, I would search "WRT54G forwarding ports") If you can't figure out how to do that, in FSHost, go to settings, then change the Remote Access port to 79 or 81.

Hope this helps,
Wesley Royer

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Thanks Wesley. Ah, I see now. So, since I'm only trying to connect to existing servers, I just need FSHostClient. So, with that said, I guess what's happening when I run that app is a window that pops up asking for Player Name, IP Address, and Connect Port.

I guess I'm not sure where to get that information or what IP address to insert...


Russell Gilbert

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The IP address it's looking for is the IP of the FSHost server you want to connect to.  You can find all the FSHost servers currently running by using my FSHostSpy program.  It's a free download from here:

Also, remember that you only need FSHostClient if you're using FSX.  If you're using FS2002 or FS2004 and want to connect to an FSHost server, you can do it directly from within those programs (but you'll still want to use FSHostSpy to find the server to connect to).

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