How create a race hop list?

Started by MarshaL, October 06, 2007, 03:18:35 AM

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Hello people,
I have a little problem with making a race list.
I know how make hop list and problem is how make race hop list? When I try to make race list and set this list on Hop List in FSHost, this race list is set by default and when people is on the first airport, Instruction of server is start for this hop list and no race.
May be I don't know how make correctly this race list?
Can you help me?

(sorry for my bad english)


You have to start a race first. Select the hop list you want to use for the race. Click OK. Go to the SERVER tab at the top, then click on "Start Hop List Race". Specify the settings you want, then press "Start the Race!". You should see something like this in the chatbox:

    HOST (FSHost 3.2): The race will start in 15 seconds...
    You must reach 2000 feet somewhere during each hop.
    Max altitude is 10000 feet.

    HOST (FSHost 3.2): The race will start in 10 seconds...
    HOST (FSHost 3.2): The race will start in 5 seconds...
    HOST (FSHost 3.2): *** GO! ***   Fly heading 091 for 47nm and land at PHMK (Molokai), then type "?hop"

If you need any more help, let us know!

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I know this, but I was thinking is automatic when start the race, hop list is changing. Example if is default hop list: hoplist_hawaii.fhl and when I start the race hop list change to: hoplist_hawaii_race.fhl
But is no problem for this when I change manual hop list to race hop list and after this start the race.

Thanks again!