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Russell Gilbert:
Hi guys,

There's been a lot of discussion over the years about a network testing tool (for example, here and here).  I had an idea today about a really simple way of testing your network.  Instead of trying to mimic all the DirectPlay craziness, I decided that the main problem most people have is just getting their ports forwarded correctly in their firewall or router, so the other players in the session can connect back to them.  So I made a little program that just checks your port forwarding.

Here's how it works...

It has a list of ports that it tests by default:  UDP 23456, 6073, and 2300-2400.  These cover FS2002, FS2004, and FSHostClient (for FSX).  There are a couple more ports that need to be forwarded if you're hosting a session (TCP 47624 for FS2002, and TCP 80 for the Master Server and FSHostSpy), but the FS2002 port is really just for outgoing data so it's usually not a problem with routers, and FSHost itself will tell you if you don't have TCP 80 forwarded correctly.

For each port, it connects to a little CGI program on my server and asks it to send back a UDP test message to that port.  It then listens on that port for the message, and if it gets it, it marks that port as OK.  If it doesn't, it times out after 3 seconds and marks it as an error.

You can also add other ports you want to test.  For example, if you're running FSHost with the FS2004 session on port 23457 (instead of the default 23456), you can tell the program to test 23457 as well.  It'll still test 23456 also, but you can ignore the error message it produces in that case.

So... here's the program:

http://www.chocolatesoftware.com/fshost/FSPortTest_1.6.exe (Updated to version 1.6 on May 17, 2012)

First, if you have FS2002 or FS2004 running and you're connected to a server, disconnect from it (but you can leave the program running).  If you have FSHost running, stop the game servers (under the Server menu).  Then save the program above somewhere on your machine, and double-click it to run it.  It'll test all the normal ports and tell you if there are any errors.  If it reports an error for a port, then it means that the outside world is not able to send data to you on that port, and you need to check your firewall and/or router again.

If you want to add additional ports for it to test, open a Command Prompt window (Start / Programs / Accessories / Command Prompt), change to the directory where you saved the program, and then run it with the additional ports added to the command line, separated by spaces.  For example, to test 23455 and 23457 in addition to the normal ports, you'd run this:

FSPortTest.exe 23455 23457

And here's the full list of ports again, just for reference:

TCP 47624
UDP 2300 to 2400

FS2004 and FSX:
UDP 23456 (or your "2004 host port" on Server / Options / Session tab)
UDP 6073
UDP 2302 to 2400 (not necessary if also forwarding 2300 to 2400 for FS2002)

Remote (web) Access, and for FSHostSpy to be able to find your session:
TCP 80 (or your Remote Access port on Server / Options / Remote Access tab)

If you need help with forwarding ports in your particular router, you might take a look at www.portforward.com.  Select your router from the list, then click the link in the upper right corner to "skip this advertisement" (you don't need to buy anything), and then select one of the "Flight Simulator" versions.  The instructions there only tell you to forward one or two ports, but be sure to follow the same steps to forward all of the ports listed above, depending on which version of Flight Simulator you're using.

Let me know if you try out the program above!


Well, I can confirm this works.  ;D

At least now I know port 6073 is the issue.

hello Russell how you doing matey! 8)

my FIRST results of the Network test tool

2nd test Port 2352....Error, timed out waiting for response ???

3rd test Port 2393....Error -1 requesting URL: http://www.chocolatesoftware.com/cgi-bin/udpsend.cgi?2393 The operation timed out  ::)

4th test port 2390....Error -1 requesting URL: http://www.chocolatesoftware.com/cgi-bin/udpsend.cgi?2393 The operation timed out   :-\

5th test    PERFECT no timeouts   ;D

Press any key to continue?

When I follow the command `Press any key to continue` the  program just dissappears. and i thought something else was about to happen. Maybe a text change to "Test Complete......press any key to end the test" would suffice as I went looking for the window!! and no doubt I`ll not be the only one who will run more than one test expecting to see what happens next?

As ports 2300-2400 are forwarded, the random timeouts  will be glitches due to computer-internet technology and nothing more, just like an adsl speed connection test?

Again Russell, another program that the PC community will thank you for  :-*
Take care, Best wishes to you and yours
Merry Xmas too!

Hi Russell,

Brilliant tool. I thought everything was OK till I ran this and found out I had screwed up a few ports  :-[ (like incoming 2317 being forwarded to 2371 - typing problem - and others using tcp and not udp).

Could you do ports 23450 to 23455 as part of the default list?

Would be nice to see the IP address too. One server I connect to always claims that my IP address is - I don't where it gets that address from.

well i finnaly got ppl off the server for just enough time to test it out
2318 hung it up a few times for some reason but then it went thru the test and FSHF.HOPTO.ORG pass with flying colors

We here at HAWKFLYERS thank you for all your time and effort
and for all your sim ploits just to let you know if you cant  find a server to fly on we are here and open 24/7
air shows most every week end and theres a big ong one commin in december
if you want more info go here


if you would like to just come watch thats fine we ask that u use the Padude

Once again Russll thank you for you time and effort and all that you put into it
if it wasnt for you we would be fling with AI lol


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