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Started by André, February 02, 2008, 01:20:49 PM

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I created for Fly The Limit (.com) a World Tour event, over 1500 flights within all countries and continents.

My fellow admin created for this event 1 giant hoplist. This basicly means all members have to fly hop to hop untill they have reached their final destination.
Is it possible with FsHost that pilots can fly whatever hop (flight/depart/dest) they want to do and that those are still stored in the hoplist ?

To be more specific: We started in UK and now I have to do the next hop in Spain, but basicly I want do a flight in lets say Cambodja, I can do that flight offcourse but it is not counted in the hoplist :(

Thanks for your time, and yes Russel I will send you a postcard, You created very nice prg's indeed !


Russell Gilbert


You can jump to any specific hop number with the "?hop=x" command if the server allows it, but once you do that, FSHost assumes that you're going to finish all the remaining hops.  So for example if you had a hop list of 100 hops and you jumped to hop 50, then once you complete that hop FSHost will give you the instructions for hop 51.  If you then jump back to hop 20, you can do that, but FSHost won't remember that you did hop 50.  It only knows about lists, and your current position in the list.  It doesn't keep track of individual hops.



Thank you sir, loud and clear.