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Started by Skydiver173, August 21, 2003, 02:32:37 PM

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When setting up an flight plan in FS2004, i noticed that the game automatically sets the GPS for you. Could it be possible to do the same thing when setting up a fightplan in FSHost? Maybe requiring FSUIPC or something.... I dont know what would be required to do this but its just a thought...

Russell Gilbert

Unfortunately there's not much that FSHost can do with the sim on the local client side.  All it can really do is send multiplayer msgs back to the sim across the net, and ask the sim to do things for it.  And it's limited to only the messages that Microsoft put in the multiplayer SDK.  To do that sort of thing, we'd have to have a seperate program running on the client machine, which talked across the internet to FSHost on a sort of "seperate channel".  So then FSHost could send it anything it wanted, and the client-side program could be designed to work with FSUIPC, etc.

Something for the future maybe...



I'd like to see better flight planning/hop list integration.

I know you have nav aids on you list to add for hops, so we can use more realistic settings with hops, but I'd also like to be able to pull up a 'map' view, and draw out a flight plan, and relate the points (airports, vor's or even intersetions of 2 vor radials) to be imported into a hoplist format.

This should be able to be implemented outside of FSHost, perhaps from an add on tool available over the web to create a file on the fly, possibly password protected for owner/admin, and then newly created hoplists could be pulled into FSHost.

The biggest  issue I see is creating the map behind the airports, and adding nav aids to the listing you already have. Knowing miniimal heights and such is a pretty big set of data to add.

I saw something in FS documentation that VOR's can't be added to the GPS plan, and they are not readily available in the flight planning section (FSHost picks a route for you, nice, but I'd like to add my own points of interest and perhaps a side trip). THere are options to create it elsewhere and import it, maybe FSHost could server up hop-list flight plans for download? It would mean twice the work for the client, but then planning your flight can be rather important!

hmmm, the wheels are turning....
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