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Started by CowBoyGuy, June 18, 2003, 01:07:54 PM

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I run a host 24x7 for a group of student pilots. They recently started doing an 'East Coast road trip' which is 5-6 airports a night.

I'd like to give HOPLIST Admin Access to one or more (or even leave it open) of those that fly on the server, but would rather not leave all the other permissions wide open. Maybe a ?hopfiles command to list the available files on the server, and a ?hopchange=<filename> command to switch the active list.

Perhaps adding a seperate 'Post a Hop List' option to allow anyone to upload a file to the hoplist directory of files, then the HopAdmin could select a specific file.

How about a randomization option that would change the current hoplist file every xx hours. Probably best to have a check for current flyers on that. This would allow everyone to post favorite flights, and see them come up online from time to time, as well as see other's favorites.

Maybe even have a hoplist trading topic here, trading everyone's local hop lists, $100 hamburger trips, home airports etc...
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Russell Gilbert

Hi there,

One option, which you may have already thought of, would be to go to the Options / Remote Access window, and disable all Admin access except for "Change Hop List".  However, if you're already letting ATC controllers login with Admin access, that probably wouldn't work.  One of the other Wish List items that's been submitted is the ability to have more than one Admin account, each with different permissions.  This would take care of that problem.

The ?hopfiles and ?hopchange commands are both interesting, and definitely possible.  The problem with them is that there's no way for FSHost to authenticate the user via the chat window in FS2002, other than to look at his player name.  If someone else used a name from an allowed list of Hop List admins, FSHost wouldn't have a way of knowing it wasn't really them.  (Passwords are not possible in the chat window, since all chat msgs get sent to all players.)  If you let everyone change the Hop List, you could definitely have a problem if you ran a public server and some idiot joined to cause trouble.

The "Post a Hop List" option is definitely possible also, and I guess it would be added to the Public page.  There would have to be limits set, so someone didn't upload a thousand 10MB files to your server.

The randomization idea is good too, and I don't see any complications with it, other than checking that nobody's on the server, as you said.  Or it would also be ok to change it if everyone was at the first hop (either because they just joined, or because they all just finished the current list).

I love the idea of the file trading here.  Unfortunately this msg board doesn't support files (from what I've learned about it so far), but it wouldn't be too hard for me to make a separate page to allow people to upload and view files.  Also, since Hop Lists are just plain text anyway, people could just paste them into a forum msg and then someone else could copy it and paste it into a .FHL file on their own machine.  But I like the upload idea better.

Some of your ideas are similar to "voting" concepts I've thought about before.  The idea of having an unattended server, where the players could vote on the current Hop List (very similar to Quake map voting), or even kick off a player causing trouble.  The problem is always that if you allow people to change something that affects everyone else, then you either have to make it so that only a unanimous vote would cause it to change (a problem, because the trouble-maker won't vote your way), or go by a majority (also a problem, if the trouble-maker brings a couple of friends).  The reason it works with Quake is that the server only allows the players to vote on a new map between games.  In FSHost, I suppose when everyone was at the first hop, it would accept votes, and then either take a majority, or unanimous voting, or whatever.  This would help with the trouble-maker, because if you accepted a majority vote, and everyone was at the beginning of the list, then nobody would be adversely affected, regardless of whether the trouble-maker voted or not.

I'll definitely add the randomization and file uploading ideas to my current "possibilities" list, and I'd love to hear thoughts on the other things mentioned.




Glad to hear you liked some of the ideas... I didn't go into too much thought on the what-if's for trouble makers. Good points.

I guess, considering potential issues with FSHostSpy making our quiet servers more public, hop file changing needs to be restricted. Perhaps offering just a hopadmin ID/Password option would suffice for forcing a change when there are active players, leaving it to a select user or two to have trusted access.

Perhaps changing according to a Rotation List or full random, Configurable by the HopAdmin.
Changes on a schedule (Say... every day at 14:00, or every Friday at 16:00) would still be a plus, as long as there are no active players when the time comes.. or even placing a warning to active players with 15 mins (configurable) finish-up time.

Pushing the server to the upload limit is another trouble maker problem... I guess the HopAdmin needs to limit file sizes and perhaps total HopList file space. THis may be a bit more than reasonable to dump on the HopAdmins.

Thanks for the considerations...

Using free stuff to better the world...