Add facility to transmit data to FS2004 - FSX TACAS table

Started by JBaymore, September 06, 2008, 10:08:15 AM

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I have read the whole wish list forum looking for entries that pertain to this issue that has been bugging me for a long time.  Turns out in various forms that there are quite a few discussions about this kind of subject in this section.

At the moment many of us that use simpits and add on aircraft in desktop situations utilize TACAS type gauges, either stand alone (like in Project magenta or Ellie Avionics Systems and so on).  Unfortunately, when flying online on FSHost servers these units are usless most of the time.  Flying online is a lot about relating with the OTHER players.... and knowing where they are.  In the real world, pilots often have radar to accomplish this for situational awareness.  It is very frustrating "losing" each other completely when flying online.  Particularly if the plane you tend to fly is one that normally HAS radar.

The only way at the moment (that I know of) to inject the online players position data into the fs2004 (one I use) or FSX TACAS table is the sort of dated and seemingly buggy (unreliable) AIBridge program.  In fact the AIBridge link on Pete DOwson's webpage leads nowhere anymore and hasn't for a while.  While AIBridge can still be found on the net.... it is apparently (as far as I can tell) unsupported anymore.  Personally I have about 3 versions... and all exhibit that same unreliability.  SOmetimes they work OK... sometimes they don't ...and sometimes they stop working after working for a while.

Would it be possible for the FSHOst software to have a means implemented to inject this data directly ionto the TACAS table?  Or lacking that would it be possible to have the software present that data in a standardized way that software programmers of external gauges could then develop a "hook" into?

I think this idea would make a LOT of online fliers very happy.

And THANKS for the great software that allows so many people worldwide fly together.