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Author Topic: Lost Connections...The Ghosts  (Read 4240 times)


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Lost Connections...The Ghosts
« on: October 09, 2008, 08:38:13 PM »

 We at The Ultimate Global Tour have been having some "Strange" lost connections
This is what occurs:
at 15 connections, a group will "Slide" ( for lack of a better word) out of the server...they will receive no prompt, stating the "Host has removed you"...
In fact, they are still in connection with each other, their chats active, and those who are not affected in this lost connection, will disappear from their ( those that are affected) chat windows, they can still chat for about 30 seconds...this is not recorded by the log file or chat log...It is only FS9 that reacts this way...FSX as far as i know, has not been removed by the server at anytime, like FS9 is.....any ideas?...the players say the are like in FSX Client...with their messages being private...Also, they dint know they have disconnected until the chat window no longer opens.
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