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Author Topic: FS9 ok but FSX breaks things - help please  (Read 4351 times)


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FS9 ok but FSX breaks things - help please
« on: December 06, 2008, 09:21:48 AM »

We've been running an FSHost server for several weeks now and been suffering the usual disconnects and people not being able to always connect. We're still working on the problem of some users not having their ports properly forwarded. Now my arguments trying to get them to conform have been hampered by some recent testing.

We had 3 users on, all with ports correctly forwarded, 2 in FSX one in FS9. A forth person joined the group, again he passes the port test application. He joined in FS9 without a problem. Quit and failed to connect in FSX, usual cannot connect to all the other players problem. If the 3 of us on the server quit then the member could connect to the server but none of the original 3 could re-connect until the problem user quit :-\

Because we all passed the port test and the original 3 clients play together happily what can I look for to resolve the issue with the 4th client?
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