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I'm working with FsHost right now, but users who want to connect te me have to fill in my ip-adress. Is there any way to fill in a word, of website name?


Air SeaTac:
Unfortunately FS9 & FSX (via FSHostClient) only accept an IP address for the connection info.

Russell Gilbert:
Actually you can enter a "named" address if the FSHost site has one.  For example, HawkFlyers have setup the named address "fshf.hopto.org" to point to their FSHost server, so you can enter "fshf.hopto.org" in FS2002, FS2004, or FSHostClient (for FSX) and it'll work.  All three programs allow this, but FS2002 and FS2004 only allow 15 characters to be entered (I checked FS2004 just now, I think FS2002 is the same, not positive).  FSHostClient for FSX will let you enter anything you want, so it's basically unlimited.

Usually, if you're just running FSHost at home, you won't have a named address.  But you can get one for free.  You just need a "dynamic DNS" service, such as the one at www.no-ip.com.  Go to that site and sign up for a free hostname to point to your dynamic IP.  Then "add a host" such as "xyz.no-ip.biz" or something (try typing it into FS to be sure it's not too long), select "DNS Host (A)", with no redirects and no "group".  Then download their free program and install it.  The idea is that whenever your IP address changes, the program will send it up to No-IP's server and save it.  Then when someone types "xyz.no-ip.biz" into FS, it'll get your current numeric IP from the No-IP server, and connect.  Like magic.


Air SeaTac:
My bad!!  I was sure I'd tried this before & FS9 wouldn't accept it, but I've just tried again with a newly created hostname & it works fine

Thanks for the reply's!

Can I set a dynamic DNS to a subdomain? E.g. online.mysite.com?
I'm using directadmin.


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