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Author Topic: List of airports that are not recognized on hoplists  (Read 6351 times)


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List of airports that are not recognized on hoplists
« on: March 26, 2009, 05:00:26 AM »

I know I've seen such a list before, but I can't seem to locate it now.
 I've created a huge hoplist that starts in Honolulu and travels the Pacific islands and into and around the circumference of Australia. As I get further into Aussie, more and more of the smaller strips are not recognized, and requires a lot of trial and error to find one that is and go back and edit the list.

Where may I find this list so that I can go through and make sure that all stops on my hoplist will work without me having to fly there first to find out.

Thanks for the help, and this wonderful service you have provided to the FS community! 8)


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Re: List of airports that are not recognized on hoplists
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2009, 11:05:55 AM »

There are ICAO codes in FS9 that aren't in FSX. There are also many ICAO codes in FSX that aren't in FS9. Also, a lot of the ICAO codes in FS9 were changed for FSX.

As far as I am aware, if you generate a hoplist using the ICAO codes in FS9 and you fly the hoplist in FS9 then you shouldn't have a problem. But if you generate a hoplist using FSX ICAO codes and fly it in FS9 (or vice-versa) then you may find that the hops won't register.

To make my hoplists compatible for FS9 and FSX I have changed the ICAO codes in the file 'airports_fsx.txt' in the FSHost folder so that those that were changed for FSX have been changed back to the original FS9 codes. But where these airports appear in a hoplist then a special 'hop' instruction has to be given, like: ORBS = Next stop: Iraq. All Pilots: Note different airport ID for FS9 and FSX! Fly heading 072 for 427nm and land at FS9=ORBS, FSX=ORBI (Baghdad Intl), then type "?hop"

If you give me your email address then I can send you a copy of my airports_fsx.txt. Then, when you generate a hoplist, use FS9 ICAO codes and it should be compatible with FSX as well.
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