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Author Topic: New Commands.  (Read 3898 times)


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New Commands.
« on: May 09, 2010, 04:26:06 AM »

Hello all.

I have been flying a lot on The Hippy Happy server and what they got is amazing, now my question is:

Can it be done either by me or the devs of this program to add more functions like:
VA, Jobs, Jobliner and various other commands ?

VA aka VL = Virtual Airliner/Virtual Life from wich you get points to buy airports.

Jobs = Example i am at Heatrow Airport EGLL and i typ !job EGCC (Manchester) i get a specific time to get there, and if i get there in time i gain points and if i fail i will lose 1/3th of what i would get when i finish in time Example !job EGCC - Sypher25 fly to EGCC (Manchester) You have 33 Minutes time to complete this job and you will gain 100 points on succesfull completion if you fail i will deduct 25 points from your total.

Jobliner = Little list with the biggest Airliner Names from wich you can choose <--- these have predefined hops as they have in real life, also in these you gain points actual of flight time, passenger count, tax costs etc etc.

I am currently busy on a program in VB and C# to gain info from the FSX Multiplayer but as it is i am stuck getting info from Multiplayer Chat Window as you would normally talk.
My Main thing is i want to connect a server program to this so if a person types inside the fsx game in multiplayer chat window !help a list of help is printed back into the same window as is Multiplayer Chat Window <--- no luck yet.

I know how to connect to fsx by managed data request and i also am able to let fsx connect to a mmysql database reading the locations but i am not able to implement those features i asked here, as this is way over my head for a coder alone with no help from others.

So far this was my first question regarding the FSHost32 and FSHost Client 1.1



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Re: New Commands.
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2010, 07:29:09 AM »

You're only constant here is time...33 minutes (example)
Time is relitive only to the plane you're

33 min in a Cessna sp172, you'll fly 40nm
it takes 33 min for a 747, just to reach cruise alt.
33 min is just enough time to finish setting up an FMC
SR-71 will be on another continent in 33 minutes (depending on the departure point)

Your server will have to be sure all players are flying the same plane type (eg.727's) for each successive hop.

      !job egcc
Server (FShost 3.2):
                              Lou, use a Boeing 727-200 to fly to EGCC (Manchester) You have 33 Minutes time to complete this job and you will gain 100 points on succesfull completion if you fail  25 points will be deducted from your current total.

another point:...does the 33 minutes (example) begin from the player typing !job? taxy time, or pre-flight prep time included?
how about FSPassengers boarding time?...speaking of FSPassengers...isnt all of this there, except for the plane type?

in the example above, if the departure is from EGLL (Heathrow), then with prep-time, etc..this would be a 45 minute flight , start to finish, it is only 137nm  (the 727-200 flys at 540 gs, if departing immediatly, its a 25 minute flight) 
However, if it's do-able, then you should add 1 you have alloted the time for prep, etc...players starting on the active, should be deducted 5% for cheating.               
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