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This thread is probably in here somewhere, but I'm going to ask anyway...
Is it possible to get a client for FS9, like FSX?

06:58(EDT) 157 servers are on line, 27 are occupied by 57 total players.
2 yrs ago, there was about 190 servers on line, we had many players then...what happened?


Ports became a major issue, most players on line Through routers, don't realize their ports are not forwarded.
3 players with bad ports, join a server , and the server empties 30 seconds later...except the FSX client.

I can see 2 things which may occur at that time...
1) Player believes the Host (Me & You) just snubbed him/her, and will go to another server, and again, the same thing will happen, and that person might give up, and attempt vatsim ... Or,
2) they'll rejoin immediately, demanding to know why we did that to them...(They get the "The Host has removed you" Prompt..Some hosts know it all to well...)

Automatically, this causes another issue, Packets;
 That rejoin, just DOUBLED the rejoining players sending/receiving of packets, which means LAG for those pings closest to the re-joiner. (They're plane appears to be jumping all over the screen, and you're watching a slideshow, as you get 3.5fps) because they rejoined immediatly, instead of rebooting their game 1st...how many know of that?..hosts included?

FSX client does not have this problem - thanks to the Client. If FS2004 could fly off-line like FSX, just think of the bandwidth we could save..!

As a Host, for this wonderfull program, I and those players who have elected to become regular guests on my servers, a few of whom are IT and Networking professionals, have been monitoring ports for about 3 yrs. and insist that those on routers, when found on an odd port, are informed of it, and helped to clear the line. We have found that some routers are unable to attain so high a port as 23456, and are stuck on lower port ranges in the 41000 range...unfortunately we have not found a way to resolve this issue

FSX client, is a major issue, in itself,  when it comes to ports as well, UPnP has to be disabled by FSX players, as well as port forwarding, I'm guessing this is due to its 100 ports range (I'm not one of those aforementioned professionals).

It seems to me, that if FS2004 had a similar client, it might level the Field, this at least would clear the packets issue, and maybe even the ports issue as well...
We probably will never see those players back again, but there were at least 200,000 copies of FS2004 produced legally...so there is new guests out there, just waiting to find us..I'd l'd like to be prepared...

Hi DM, hows it going?
   I would like to point out that a "Client" for FS9 would also resolve the frame rate problem.

Another nice effect would be, that FS2004 pilots could enjoy ATC as well....  ;)

Hellooo Bob, I'm well thankx, hope you are the same

Yes, it certainly would be nice to put my FPS to unlimited, instead of locked at 25
25, tho is a fine FPS, it is the speed of Movie film....but having the option, yaaa!

Roger that Homer!  Although, i think my Ai ATC has me perminently grounded   ::)  ;D      

I was thinking of the rogue playersr that don't lock their frames and thay cause either a lot of lag or for some players to get dropped.
I can hit 300 frames over water but it runs just as well at 25. I'm concerned about the clowns that ignore the warnings and force me to kick them off the server to get their attention.
Some even feel that they have the right to do what ever they want and I tell them that this is my computer and if you don't play by my rules then you can't play here. But I'm sure you have had your fill of that.


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