"PostcardWare is freeware that requires only that the user send the software provider a postcard as a form of payment. The idea is to humanize the transaction, remind the user that someone else shared something freely, and remind the provider that someone is actually using the creation."

If this program made your day, then you can make my day by mailing me a postcard from wherever you live. You can write anything you want on the postcard, or nothing at all. I'll put it on my refrigerator, and then when my friends come over, I'll say, "Look, there's somebody living there that's using my program!" How cool would that be? :-)  I get no money of any kind for this program, but I get a big smile on my face whenever I open my mailbox and find a postcard.  It makes all the hard work worthwhile.

Please look under the Help menu of the program for the address to send your postcard to.