Chat Window Fix for Flight Simulator 2002
by Russell Gilbert ("OzzieYank", online)

FSChatScroll is a free program to fix the scrolling problem in the chat window of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002.

Full Description:

FS2002's multiplayer chat window has a bug that causes the window to not scroll properly when new messages are displayed. To see the latest messages, you have to manually scroll the window down each time a new message arrives. FSChatScroll.exe is a simple little program (76KB) that fixes that problem. Start it up and then just minimize it while you fly in FS2002. When a new message is added to the chat window, FSChatScroll will scroll the window down so you can see it. It runs on all versions of Windows, and since it uses minimal CPU resources (it shows as zero percent on my machine), it won't affect your frame rate in the game.

Latest Version: 1.6

Download (71KB zip file):

More Info: For instructions, version history, and other info, view the included Readme.txt file here.

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