Download SBRelay 1.2 here (36 KB)

What's new in version 1.2:

  • Fixed a problem that causes SBRelay to stop working after September 14th, 2003.  All users are encouraged to upgrade!
  • Fixed a problem that could occasionally cause some planes to not appear when FS2004 is connected to SBRelay after SB is connected.
  • Added new "Options" menu, to make the "Minimize to Tray" feature optional.  This feature is now disabled by default.  If you want SBRelay to only appear in the system tray when minimized, click the Options menu and select "Minimize to Tray".
  • When the "Minimize to Tray" feature is enabled, you can now restore the window with a single-click as well as a double-click.

What was new in version 1.1:

  • Fixed incorrect velocity for all SB planes.  This has been a problem since SB was first released for FS2002.  The problem caused planes to occasionally jump backwards in the sky, and aircraft speeds for other players were shown about 3 times too fast in FSNavigator for FS2004.  When flying with FS2004 and this version of SBRelay, you should now see the correct speeds in FSNavigator, and other players should move much more smoothly when viewed in FS2004.
  • Added minimize to system tray.  When you minimize SBRelay, it now minimizes to only an icon, down near the clock.  Double-click the icon to restore it.
  • Added ability to remove a player.  Right-click a player's name and select "Remove", or select a player and use the new Player menu.
  • Duplicate players are now removed automatically.  If you disconnect SB from the network and then reconnect it, SB forgets to remove the old players and then adds them back again so you see them in the player list twice.  SBRelay now takes care of this bug in SB by automatically removing players when they're no longer in the session.  Usually this happens about 3 minutes after the old "ghost" players are left behind.
  • FSNavigator recognized in player list.



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